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5 Things To Do Whenever You Visit Contra Costa County

Are you searching for a destination centre to enjoy recreation on your vacation? Visit Contra Costa County and enjoy a variety of lively activities and sites.

An Overview of Contra Costa Travel Guide

contra costa county guide

Contra Costa County is a renowned region in the United States that is located in the state of California. The county is primarily suburban and occupies a population of more than 1,049,025 people. This county is popular as it holds famous attractions sites such as deserts, theme parks, beaches, and Yosemite.

Contra Costa health services


Contra Costa offers quality health care at different locations. In this county, health care is among the privileged services. You can access quality health care whenever you visit this county by visiting the regional medical centre which is located in Martinez. The medical centre offers an extensive array of patient-centred services which are delivered in a friendly environment.

There are other public health clinics and health centres located throughout the county where they offer basic health care services. Residents of Contra Costa County enjoy comprehensive health care coverage that serves more than 200,000 people.

Public health, which is led by a health officer, protects and promotes the well-being of families, individuals, and the entire community. During these hard times of the Covid-19 pandemic, the health sector has been working around the clock to curb the spread of covid-19.

The county health care has been sensitizing residents on the importance of observing guidelines meant to stop the spread of covid-19. Despite the availability of vaccines, people are sensitized to wash their hands much often and wear a face covering while in the public and prevent another surge.

The take of Contra Costa health services on Covid-19 pandemic

covid19_contra costa county

Contra Costa health services (CCHS) have been playing an integral role in tracking the spread of Covid-19. There have been 63,400 confirmed cases of the pandemic in the entire county. The total number of lives claimed by the pandemic are 708 so far, where none were registered in the past two days. On the same note, 364,592 vaccines have been administered to help curb the surge of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Attraction sites based in Contra Costa County



If you’re searching for a destination site where you can enjoy the view of black diamond mines, Contra Costa is the county to visit. The county is also the home to Mount Diablo Coalfield, a coalfield based in California and produces over 357 million long tons of coal. You can also visit Rose Hill Cemetery which is termed as a protestant cemetery and the sandstone mile.

This county is also the perfect place to spend your recreation time considering it’s the home to a variety of wildlife such as coyotes, mountain lions, deer, bobcats, foxes, and golden eagles. On the same note, visitors get to enjoy the theme park which is open year-round for mountain biking, horse riding, and hiking.

For sport activities fanatics, you can visit the Spas & Wellness in Walnut Creek and enjoy kick-boxing activities with other enthusiasts. If you love outdoor activities, you can visit the all outdoors California whitewater rafting at San Miguel drive and join other residents/visitors for a team-building event. Whether you’re based in the state of California or outside the state, you can visit the county and witness creativity presented at the Lesher Center for the arts.

Dining places to consider

dining places

This county is renowned for hosting outstanding dining places, restaurants, and cuisines designed to meet visitors preferences. There are diverse restaurants to consider such as Antioch restaurants, Hercules restaurants, Brentwood restaurants, Oakley restaurants, and Richmond restaurants. In these dining restaurants, some ready-prepared recipes and dishes are prepared by order of visitors.

Transportation- How to access the various regions in the county

The major transport channels used by residents and tourists to commute within the various regions based in the county include highways, railroads, and public transit. There are renowned rental car services where you can hire a car for personal services.



Contra Costa is an amazing county based in the state of California. The county features several attraction sites where you can spend time on your holiday time. Additionally, there are several outdoor activities to indulge in such as playing golf, joining chocolate classes, taking part in sky-high sports, and whitewater rafting.

Visit the contra costa county and enjoy the thrilling adventure

It’s the end of our contra costa county guide. If you like it, you can learn about Sand Flea Bites.

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