best sci-fi movies in 2021

7 Science Fiction Movies To Watch In 2021

Science fiction movies, taking examples from the past, make predictions about the future and expand our horizons. Are you ready to meet a mystery film series that questions life and engulfs us?

Science fiction movies continue to offer insight into the future. Such films can also amaze us when they draw us to points where we are forced to make sense. We leave you alone with the unique scenarios required by science fiction movies, and we already wish you well.

We begin our list of 10 films that will allow you to have an idea of the future;

7. Snowpiercer


IMDb: 7,1

Production year : 2013

The 2013 film took the subject of a script that could be about the future and was able to project it to us very well. We wish you a pleasant time with the film, which is admired by the cast.


6. Shazam!


IMDb: 7,1

Production year : 2019

If you want to watch a movie that is glamorous with visual effects and a combination of comedy, action, science fiction, Shazam! Is perfect for you.

According to the theme of the film, a child turns into a superhero with 6 main features, saying Shazam every time. These 6 main features constitute the initials of Shazam.

It’s a fun movie that you can sit with your family and watch.


5.  I am Legend


IMDb: 7,2

Production year : 2007

I am Legend, another science fiction film that deals with what a post-apocalyptic world will be like, can also experience various emotions at the end of the movie.


4. Avengers: Endgame


IMDb: 8,5

Production year : 2020

I’d like to remind you that this movie is going to end emotionally. I’m sure Endgame will give you more than one emotion. If you haven’t watched the Marvel series, you can taste this unique feeling starting right away.

The high-level cinematic effects used in the film fascinate a person separately.


3. Interstellar


IMDb: 8,6

Production year : 2014

Among the best films of its kind, Interstellar is a film that will not be enough to taste for those who love science fiction and are interested in the concepts of space and time.

It’s one of those movies that promises to watch it twice and enjoy it separately.


3. Matrix


IMDb: 8,7

Production year : 1999

Today’s “red pill or blue pill?”on which the question is based is a 1999 science fiction movies with undoubtedly the best animations that caused the first viewers to watch it again.  It is one of the films that still attracts curiosity and admiration even today with its cast and unforgettable subject.

1. Inception


IMDb: 8,8

Production year : 2010

According to IMDB glaze, Inception, which managed to put its name first, is a mind-boggling structure that has won an Oscar in four separate branches. It takes you on an adventure that will leave your mouth open with its successful cast and subject.

This is the end of our great list of science fiction movies. You can also share your favorite movies to watch with us in the comment.

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