Instagram Shadowban | 4 Reasons of Shadowban

In this article, instgram, one of the various social networks, has developed a solution for Instagram Shadowban and how to remove it when it notices any spam in your account.

What is Instgram Shadowban?

what is shadowban

Instagram sahdowban is a kind of measure that drastically reduces your account interaction (likes, views, comments, access, etc.) as a result of the mistakes you make for your Instagram profile to grow faster.

We will talk about the factors that cause this restriction on many social media platforms, its consequences and what should be done to get rid of this restriction, especially the methods to get rid of the Instagram shadowban restriction.

Instagram Shadowban Test

Recently, if you have purchased bot followers, views or likes services from anywhere or subscribed to free Instagram follower posting sites, you are probably stuck with Instagram shadowban restriction.

For the Instagram Shadowban test, all you have to do is check your recent posts. If your posts have reached fewer people than usual and your feedback has dropped, then you’ve caught the Instagram shadowban bot.


Instagram Shadowban Reasons


  1. Receiving illegitimate likes, views or comments service gives the impression that your account is not a real account.
  2. BOT followers will cause your account to be restricted.
  3. Unreliable follower services reduce the quality of your Instagram account.
  4. Tags to be used in posts can be spam tags. Using them directly affects your account.


Shadowban’s Results

  • Even if your content is of very high quality, even if you have a large number of followers, you still cannot be seen in discovery and you cannot grow your audience.
  • You will not appear in the tags you use in posts.
  • Your posts won’t appear even in similar locations.
  • ¬†Also, even if your audience is very large, your posts are not sent to all.

The restriction called Instagram shadowban is actually still unnamed restrictions. These restrictions do not involve liking, commenting or closing your account. That’s why most of the time Shadowban is not even noticed.

These restrictions apply not only to Instagram but also to other social media platforms such as Twitter.

Instagram Shadowban Removal


Let’s take a look at Instagram shadow ban removal now that what is Instagram Shadowban and Shadowban explains its reasons.

  • Disconnect your account from the apps that you previously received comment, follower and likes services for your social media account.
  • Remove all spammy tags. You may even be better off removing all your posts with spam tags.
  • You can go back to your personal profile and ask for likes and comments from your followers. Instagram will then think that you are a normal user.
  • If you have a new growing profile, try to get rid of it by producing more organic and original content. If you are still unable to get rid of the Shadowban restriction, we recommend that you switch to a new account.

Artificial intelligence is developing more and more every day. That’s why using social media platforms according to their rules will always provide more positive feedback for you.

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