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9 Tips for Life After University

Finally, studying, exam rushes and university life are over because you graduated. Life after university is more important to you now. Because you have the profession you target by studying for years, and by serving this profession, you should earn money for a good future. Life after university starts now.

If you have a profession that you have been aiming for since childhood and attended school for years, you will not have any problems in life after university. Because everyone knows that you will be more successful in the profession you aim to become.

You worked a lot in the last years of your education, maybe it was a little fun, but as a result, you graduated and now you have the title of your target profession. If you think everything is over and you have overcome all difficulties, then you are wrong! Because now is the time to study more.

The university is over and you have a diploma. Now it’s time to do extensive research and find your dream job and a job that will also make good money.

But don’t lose hope right away, because if you don’t make the mistakes other people make, it can put you one step ahead.

Come on and let me tell you 9 things you can do in your life after university;


1) Continuing as a Graduate


Life after university, if you want to advance your career in an academic field, what you need to do is to follow the academic calendars of your own university and all other universities around you, and apply for a graduate degree.

Graduate applications can be very tiring at times, you may be constantly invited to interviews, make phone calls, and receive repeated refusals. During this time, you may doubt your own knowledge and even question your own abilities.

The only thing you need to be careful about is to be careful not to spend too much money, or even start applying for a part-time job if necessary. It can be a good option to generate additional income in this period. For example, you can avoid unnecessary expenses in your life after university.

Even getting a rejection response from some of the many universities I applied to and making long phone calls on it didn’t work. But keep trying, there might be a chance for you!

I started applying for a job in other cities in order to continue my life. In life after university, I promised that I would not work outside of my field. The job I found was not exactly my field of work, but because it was a good job to gain experience, I started working as an assistant to a company.

You might think university isn’t worth it at the end of such job pursuits, but never give up. Because when you get the profit you want in the position and company you want, you will see that it is definitely worth it.

If you still can’t find a job, maybe it’s time to re-examine your CV. Here I prepared a great CV support guide for you


2) Don’t Let Your First Goal Be A High-Paid and Quality Job


We all dream of a high salary and a quality job in our life after university, which is why we have been studying, especially in recent years. However, today, the increasing number of graduate students and the decrease in the number of jobs are generally unemployed for many students.

However, if you have already found a job and started to work but it is not the job you aim for, if your office does not have the best view of London, even if you do not have an assistant, do not underestimate that job. Seeing that job as a stepping stone for your good future job can prepare a better career path for your future.

As life after university gives you new responsibilities, even if you do not notice it in some areas, you will gain new skills and improve yourself and your self-confidence will increase many times.

If I have to give you a good idea, spend your free time on your skills in your current job. This will help you achieve your high salary target in the future.

Dislike for work is not an option for you. You haven’t reached what you want to do in a single opportunity, you cannot push your business with your hand. Because you do not know how what you will learn will affect your career.


3) Postpone Your Previous Plans

postpone-plans-life after university

When asked in a job interview, “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” or “What do you want to do for life after university?”, you will see that almost all of them have solid ideas. Including you.

I guess you have a plan to go on a summer vacation with your family with children, owning a big house, in a management position in a company. If you graduate at the age of 21, let’s say from the beginning that there is a goal that will disappoint, although possible.

You can also find yourself in a better place in the manager position you want to be, with a higher salary and a bigger home, but you may still live with family and not even get a driver’s license. But never give up trying to improve your life!

I can’t tell you how long all this will take, because it will depend on everyone and your own effort. But I am sure that constantly improving yourself will shorten this period.


4) Use Student Discounts

discount-life after university

“I graduated from university, how will I still benefit from student discounts?” I can hear you say. Do not worry, travel discounts for 16-25 year olds in your city or country will relieve you of money. You can continue to use these discounts. You can follow Facebook groups or news sites to be informed about student discounts.


5) Your Own Life Is More Important To You

dont compare your life

Do not believe that people show their lives very well on today’s social media platforms, especially Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Obviously, this doesn’t show how successful they are in real life.

Social media platforms can make us doubt about our own lives and adopt too many dangerous and bad habits because we are not in the same situation as other people.

By finding real successful people, you can be inspired by them and make progress towards your goals. Remember, information that will touch your life may be very close.

Social media platforms make you compare your own life with the lives of other people. This situation may cause you to feel unnecessarily sad and that your own life is not good. It may be a good step to stop comparing fake lives on social platforms and start believing that you will be successful.

Since social media is a platform where people only share their good moments, remember that they also have bad moments like you. Do not stop doing what you are happy with. What you do will help you achieve success faster.


6) Expand Your Network

expand your network

If you are good at meeting people, this will give you better results in your business life. The people who will stay in your life after college will be those you have met, talked to, maybe helped with before. That’s why they are the people who will have the greatest impact on your post-university life. That’s why the people in your life are an opportunity for you.

Some students are unaware of how important networking is in life after university. The wider network you have, the sooner you can find a job and improve yourself.

If you are still a university student, try to attend as many activities as you can, and keep in touch with and keep in touch with people. I am sure it will make your job easier in life after university.

Sitting at home to play games, watch movies, or hang out on social media may be easier than going out and meeting a person, but overcoming this fear will improve your communication skills and give you the opportunity to get better positions and higher salaries.

Go out and meet people where you want to be, you never know who will offer you what opportunities by sitting at home!

If you want to improve your communication skills but do not know how to do this, you can apply for volunteer work in your area. It can be a good start to building a network.


7) Don’t Overthink Your Student Loans

students loans - life after university

Don’t think like you will never pay your loan, just don’t worry too much. Because your student loan, if you work in a life after university and earn more than a certain amount, you can start paying. You do not need to be afraid as these payments will be completely under your control.

Do not be upset with the information circulating about student loan. If you’re still looking for work, focus entirely on that.

Sorry to talk about some pessimistic things so far, but these are the things you may encounter. Now let’s talk about some more beautiful things.


8) Save Money

save money for life after university

You graduate and get a good salary in a good job, you have to believe that your dreams will come true one day, even if the moment is not enough, if you save enough. By saving, you can travel to your dream destinations, buy that beautiful car or move into a nicer home. There may not be much left to pay off your student loan, but even throwing a few pounds in the corner can be a good investment for the future.


9) Start Your Own Business

start your own business

It is not recommended for a recent graduate, but if you have sufficient capital and knowledge, the best job for you may be your own. In your life after university, starting a business based on your previous experiences is a profitable way for you and other people you can provide a job.

If you do not have any previous experience with establishing or managing a company, you are very likely to fail, if there is evidence of this in history.


What should i do with my life after university?

You can apply for a postgraduate degree.
You can leave your CV to companies in the field you want to work in.
You can find work using your network.
You can go on a vacation that you planned well in advance.
You can learn new hobbies.
You can start your own business.

I may have some mistakes I just learned English. Thank you for reading.

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