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5 Best WordPress Themes for Bloggers in 2021

WordPress themes are of great importance for those who visit your website. If the WordPress Themes you use for your blog are not liked by the users, you will not be able to attract attention even if your content is very high quality. Let’s review the WordPress Themes I have given below and choose the one that suits you best. For those who do not know anything, we can make a short explanation and continue our topic.

What is the WordPress?

WordPress allows you to quickly prepare and publish a dynamic, user-oriented and very stylish website without coding knowledge. You will not have any difficulty using WordPress with its strong infrastructure and user-oriented. Thanks to the free themes and add-ons it contains, you will be able to design and publish very beautiful websites.

Websites used to be something that only people who knew how to code could do. However, nowadays, thanks to Woprdpress, you can easily set up a website and deliver what you know and what you want people to know without knowing coding.

All you need to have is a domain and hosting. You can also find the details in our article on how to buy domain and hosting.

If you have taken care of the domain and hosting processes, all you have to do is choose the theme you want to use.

What is a WordPress theme | What do wordpress themes do

WordPress themes are ready-coded themes. In other words, the codes and designs of these themes have been made, and you will be able to take it and install it directly on your website.

If we explain the steps in order; First you bought a domain and hosting (how to get domain and hosting), then you set up the necessary infrastructure for WordPress (how to install WordPress) and finally you can start producing your content by setting up the theme you have. (WordPress theme installation)

As we said again, you do not need to know any code until now. Just choose a theme that suits the design in your mind.

Well, you said I could not find the theme in my mind (This is almost impossible), you can ask someone who knows how to code a WordPress theme to code the theme you want. You will not need to code anything additionally, as all of the themes I recommend will have different designs.

Here are 5 Best WordPress Themes for Bloggers we have prepared for you;


List Mag WP – Personal News / Magazine Theme

You have a dream to build a website in your mind and want to include simplicity in the listing but also more than one category on your website? Then this List Mag WP WordPress theme, which is in our WordPress themes content, is for you.

When you review the theme, you will be impatient to see this theme on your website. To see the demo of the theme, just click the demo button below.


Click for Demo


Boombox – Viral Magazine WordPress Theme

Do you want to prepare a special test for your news, blog, magazine, list content or your followers? If your answer is “Yes”, this theme will do the trick. It will leave you hesitant to choose one with its multiple original designs. You can continue with the demo button below to examine it in more detail.


Click for Demo


Newsmag – Newspaper & Magazine WordPress Theme

Newsmag, which is the simplest WordPress theme among WordPress themes, is also a very stylish and user-oriented theme. This theme, which does not cause confusion in terms of usability, allows visitors to spend more time on your website.

In addition, you will be able to easily find what you want thanks to the multiple designs it contains. You can click the demo button below to examine the theme in detail.


Click for Demo


Gillion | Multi-Concept Blog/Magazine & Shop WordPress AMP Theme

If you want to provide users with a unique experience, to read more and more as they read and to burst into details, to provide suggestions and to ensure that they do not get bored of standing on your website, this may be the most comprehensive WordPress theme in the list of WordPress themes you need.

Thanks to its multiple features, you can make your users happy not only by blogging but also by affiliate marketing. Thanks to its Woocommerce plugin, you will not only have a blog site, but also a shopping site. If you want to review, you can read here, What is Woocommerce?

You can use the Demo button to examine in more detail.


Click for Demo


Ranna – Food & Recipe WordPress Theme

The last theme of our list of the best WordPress themes is for those who want to open a food blog. If you want to share detailed recipes, to be a guest of people’s kitchens and to share their recipes on your site, using this theme will be a very good choice for you and your users. Use the demo button for detailed review.


Click for Demo


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